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Spaceport America to Offer $200K Space Trips Starting in 2013

New Mexico's Spaceport America will offer space trips for ordinary people by 2013 for just $200,000 dollars per trip. The announcement was made by Virgin Galactic vice president Will Pomerantz during a Commercial Real Estate Development Association luncheon before 300 people. Pomerantz offered that the industry of space travel is expected to take off for regular people with the financial resources. Pomerantz stated during the luncheon that the public may expect the first flights carrying up to eight passengers (including a captain and co-pilot) to launch as early as 2013. Four hundred people have already placed deposits for the two hour trip, which includes approximately 5 minutes of weightlessness, in the outer space adventure.

Future space travelers will depart from the nearly fully constructed, $209 million dollar Spaceport. Located in the White Sands Missile Range within Sierra County, New Mexico, Spaceport will offer many nearby amenities including restaurants and hotels for all intergalactic travelers, as well as those who remain on the ground.

Spaceport predict a huge boom in the space travel industry with interest growing within a market of people from all walks of life. Test flights already underway with the cost of an intergalactic flight predicted to drop as the industry and public interest rises.

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