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Spiderman's Broadway Flop

The $65 million dollar Broadway production of Spiderman was a flop per reviews by major critics and preview audience members. The highly anticipated Marvel Superhero play "Spider-man: Turn Off The Dark" premiered in musical form over the weekend among countless setbacks, increasing controversy, and many cast changes.

The play has been rendered a massive gamble by many and during its opening weekend at the Foxwoods Theater in Manhattan, was full of suspense. The show was stopped nearly one half dozen times due to technical equipment failures. And even left Reeve Carney, who portrays Spiderman in the show, hanging suspended over the audience until stage assistants managed to pull him down.

The show opens to general audiences on January 11, 2011. Spider-Man the musical is under the direction of Julie Taymor, of the award winning production The Lion King, and includes music by Bono and The Edge from the musical group U2. In the meantime, cast and crew will most certainly iron out the kinks.

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