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Springsteen Promising Super Bowl Half Time Show Will Be Full of Energy

Bruce Springsteen will be playing for fans and the television audience at this year's Superbowl. He had been asked to play in previous years, but has turned down the opportunity more than once. Once featuring amateur performers, such as high school marching bands, last year's half time show, featuring Tom Petty, had 148 million viewers.

With a new album and upcoming tour to promote, Springsteen,59, and company will take to the state on Sunday during the game. Excitement is building, and bookies in Las Vegas are taking bets on what songs the band will play during their set. The play list is being kept secret and Springsteen himself will decide what they will play.

The performance will only last 12 minutes, but Springsteen fans will be treated to the band's usual enthusiasm during their time in front of the crowd.

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