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Stampede in India Kills 63 People, Injures 100 Others

A stampede in India killed 63 people and left 100 others injured Thursday. A 200,000 person pilgrimage intended worship Hindu beliefs ended tragically when gatherers at a community lunch at the Ram Janak temple sought the free food, utensils, and clothes the festivity offered. Hindu holy man, Jagadguru Kripalu Ji Maharaj, threw the lunch to commemorate the anniversary of his wife's death.

The flood of people caused the gate to collapse, opened the doors to the stampede that claimed the lives of 26 women, 37 children, and left 100 others injured reported Satya Bhushan Pathak, superintendent of police in the Pratapgarh district. The temple is located approximately 650 kilometers or 400 miles southeast of New Delhi.

This incident was the second deadly temple tragedy to occur in India in the past 90 days. Millions gather yearly at India's temples that severely lack capabilities to control attendees. January gatherers stormed a religious festival on the Ganges river in West Bengal, India that left 10 Hindu pilgrims dead and many others wounded while entering a ferry to transport passengers to the festivities.

Ineffective law enforcement, inadequate public facilities, and religious fervor were contributing factors in both events.

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