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Starbucks Pulls Peanut Butter Products From Stores

Starbucks Corp announced on Monday that it has pulled all products containing peanut butter from its stores. The move is being called a safety precaution.

Tainted peanut butter products in the United States have been blamed for hundreds of cases of salmonella poisoning. Seven people have died as a result of consuming these products, which have been traced to Peanut Corp of America's plant in Blakely, Georgia.

Starbucks has claimed that it does not buy any products carried in its stores from Peanut Corp of America. The company has also stated that the recall of peanut products in the United States has not affected any of the products that it sells. The products that will not be available to consumers for the time being include peanut butter cookies, granola bars, and Starbucks' protein plate. This policy affects products sold throughout the United States and Canada.

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