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Stephen Strasburg Getting a Tommy John Surgery

The idea of getting a Tommy John Surgery would be sobering for anyone let alone a world class pitching phenom like Stephen Strasburg. Stephen Strasburg went through a plethora of mixed emotions when the news of a Tommy John Surgery for him was confirmed.

Apparently, Stephen Strasburg is done for the season as being the Washington Nationals Rookie. Too bad, the graph of Stephen Strasburg was going on an unusually great slope.

The worst part of the Tommy John surgery bargain that is inevitable for Stephen Strasburg is that he will have to undergo a rehabilitation period ranging from 12-18 months. Now this not only means that the baseball player with a 14-strikeout debut this season will be missing it but also won’t be able to play in 2011- whole of 2011.

Stephen Strasburg is due to travel to the West Coast for a second opinion on the surgery but it is for sure that he needs treatment for the torn ligament in his elbow to prevent further damage.

Initially Stephen Strasburg, the 22 years old baseball player, was immensely upset with the news but now he has gained his focus on rehabilitation and has sworn to make the best of it.

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