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Stepson on Leash, Ate Feces to Survive

The nine year old stepson of Jaime Day was kept on a dog leash in a bedroom and had to eat feces and urine in order to survive. In truly one of the most horrific cases of child abuse known to man, Police found the nine year old boy on a "dirty foam box spring, wearing a diaper, covered in blood, and urine." The boy weighed 38 pounds, was horribly malnourished and was at least 50 pounds under the normal weight of a child of his age. When police rescued the child, he was wearing only a t shirt, shorts and diaper and covered in bruises from head to toe.

The horrors this child survived doesn't stop there. The boy reported to authorities that his stepmother, Jaime Day and his father, Murry Day, refused to feed him and forced him to watch his family, including two other boys aged 4 and 6, eat. The boy also stated he was so hungry and thirsty that he "drank his own urine" and "ate his own feces" from the diaper he wore because Jaime wouldn't allow him to use the toilet. Jaime also used a sock filled with rice then heated to torture the child. When authorities found the boy, he was also covered in second degree burns.

The boys was admitted into a hospital immediately following his rescue. He spent over thirteen days there being treated for hypothermia due to malnutrition. Doctors reported that the abuse the boy suffered had to have occurred over a months' long period.

Jaime Day faces 25 counts of child cruelty for her abuse against the nine year old. Murry Day faces an additional five counts. The nine year old is a child from a previous relationship Murry had before Jaime. Murry assumed custody of the child when at age three, he suffered abuse from his biological mother. The child faces a long recovery physically and emotionally.

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