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Stevan Patong Thao Nabbed at Detroit Customs With $50K in Heroin Claims "It's Grandma's"

Customs officials at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport nabbed fifty three year old Stevan Patong Thao, an Oklahoma resident, as he was traveling with over $50,000 dollars worth of heroin. Officials report that Thao was arrested on Sunday after his plane landed at 12:00 at the Detroit airport. Upon a search and ensuing interrogation, Thao claimed that the pair of pill bottles containing 490 heroin capsules were painkillers for his ailing grandmother. Thao later changed his story, maintaining that his nephew had purchased the "prescribed" drugs in Laos and the drugs were "dispensed" to treat diabetes and high blood pressure.

Authorities report that Thao's flight originated in Laos and had a layover in Narita, Japan. Thao's was arrested, detained, and later released on $10,000 bond awaiting a January 27, 2011 hearing.

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