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Steve Carell Revealed Leaving the Office for Film?

Steve Carell revealed he will be leaving NBC's "The Office" to further his career in film. While promoting his latest film, Date Night, with Tina Fey on BBC Radio, Carell revealed his future Office plans. Interviewer Greg James posed "How long will you stay with "The Office" for? How many more series? How long does your contract run?" Carell replied "Contract through next season" but added, when asked if he plans to renew his contract with NBC "I don't think so. That will probably be my last year."

NBC has not formally commented regarding Carell's statement and potential resignation from his role as Michael Scott on the popular show. Speculation abounds that the show will go on without Carell though his humor certainly infuses the show with a certain spark not many will be able to evoke. Perhaps Carell's statement is based in contract negotiation issues. Perhaps there is some truth to the statement. Whatever the case may be, the show will not be the same without Carell.

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