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Steve Martin and Wife Anne Welcome First Child

Sixty seven years of living the ultimate comedy (life) has more than prepared actor Steve Martin for fatherhood. A source close to the highly private comedian, actor, and author and his wife of three years, Anne Stringfield, has confirmed to People magazine that they are indeed parents! The couple were spotted with their new bundle of joy near their Los Angeles, California, home and decided to let the world know of the baby...well, just that the baby exists. Whether he or she has a name still remains a mystery left out of the spotlight...much like the rest of Martin's private life. This is the man who married his bride at a "surprise ceremony" wedding during 2007 who gathered his friends and family under the guise of a "party."

Needless, news of the new addition first broke back in December 2012 when a source offered the NY Post's Page Six : "They've had a baby, and how they kept it a secret nobody knows. Steve's very private." To further speculation, photographs of the couple were also snapped last year with forty one year old Anne looking a little plump in the middle. The source also offered the couple is "thrilled. They worked hard to have the baby." Which must be especially tough with Anne's gig as a New Yorker writer and the demands of Martin's acting career...

Martin's rep has reportedly been contacted by numerous media outlets and will not confirm the baby's birth. Congrats to all, especially the kid. Imagine the laughter and adventure the wee one's life will be filled with!

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