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Steve McNair's Wife Was Unaware of Affair With Sahel Kazemi

The wife of slain quarterback Steve McNair only learned about the NFL star's affair with Sahel Kazemi after the couple's gruesome deaths.

"She's blindsided by this," one source said of Mechelle McNair. "She's crushed. Her whole world is shattered."

Nashville cops confirmed that Steve McNair, 36, was killed by four bullets fired at close range, two of which hit him in the head, and ruled his death a homicide.

His lover, Sahel Kazemi, 20, died of a single gunshot from the same gun, making it look like a murder-suicide.

Cops ruled McNair's death a homicide and have not ruled on Kazemi's death, citing the need for more tests.

Friends have told police that Kazemi and McNair were dating for several months. Apparently, McNair had managed to keep the affair a secret from his wife.

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