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Stickney Teens Record Gang Rape of 14 Year Old Girl

Officials from Stickney, Illinois have arrested 4 males in connection to the cell phone recorded rape of a 14 year old girl. Police report that Alex Picallo, age 16, Majeed Khalifeh, age 18, Johnathan Leanos, age 19, and Vicente Hernandez of Cicero, were charged on Wednesday within the Bridgeview courthouse on two counts each of criminal sexual assault following a Saturday incident.

The assault happened within Leanos' residence at the 3900 block of Wesley in Stickney late Saturday. Details from the police report maintain that Leanos met the undisclosed victim on MySpace last summer and met several times before Saturday's incident. The victim reported to police that Leanos requested sexual relations but when she refused, he forced himself on her after taking her cell phone. Leanos then drove the victim to retrieve Khalifeh and Hernandez where they returned to Leanos' residence and met Picallo. Leanos then demanded the victim to engage in intercourse with his friends and cell phones were used to record the incident.

Late Wednesday, a bond hearing was held at the Bridgeview court. Picallo was held on $500,000 dollars bail as of Tuesday. Khalifeh and Leanos were held in lieu of $600,000 dollars bail and $750,000 dollars bail. Hernandez received similar charges and bail.

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