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Stone Aged Carved "Phallic Object" Found in Swedish Excavation

Stone aged carved "phallic object" found by a team of scientists during a Swedish excavation during the week of July 15, 2010.  Scientists are uncertain just what conclusions to draw from the ancient supposed "sex toy" and are looking for answers regarding the tool. Archaelogist Gsaran Gruber of the National Heritage Board in Sweden worked at the excavation site.  Gruber stated during a Life Science interview: "Your mind and my mind wanders away to make this interpretation about what it looks like- for you and me, it signals this erected penis like shape.  But if that's the way the Stone Age people thought about it, I can't say."

The "tool" was made out of bone and was discovered at a Mesolithic site in Motala, Sweden.  The area has an abundant amount of ancient artifacts dated from 4,000 to 6,000 B.C.  The "tool" measures approximately 4 inches long and .8 inches in diameter.  Archeologists are thrilled to have unearthed an well preserved, "organic object" which may have been used as a tool to chip flakes of flint.  A similarly penis-shaped artifact made out of stone was discovered in Germany in 2005.

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