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Stranded Carnival Cruise Ship Towed to California

A stranded Carnival cruise ship carrying 4,500 passengers located 200 miles south of San Diego is slowly being towed to California. The Carnival Splendor, a massive 952 foot, 113,000 ton vessel, was crippled by an engine room fire located in the generator compartment on Monday, just one day into the trip. The ship suffered electrical damages and left all of its passengers without air condition, hot water, and telephone service until rescue tugboats and the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier provided relief on Tuesday. Generators provided power to navigation and emergency detection equipment, as well as cold water and toilet services to cabins.

Coast Guard officials believe towing the stranded ship will take approximately 24 hours before reaching port in Esendada, Mexico, as early as Thursday.

The 3,299 customers and 1,167 crew were not injured as a result of the fire. Carnival has cancelled a planned cruise to Long Beach on November 14 and will refund customers cruise and air fares. Customers have the option of rebooking a different Carnival cruise at a 25 percent discount.

The ship was destined for a seven day sail to the Mexican Riveria with visits to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas.

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