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Stupak Called "Baby Killer"

Democratic Representative Bart Stupak was called a "baby killer" by an unidentified Republican late Sunday night in a congressional meeting. John Campbell a Republican from California confirmed the incident was uttered by a member of his political party. The Democratic response to the coment was "shouting". Stupak is the spokesperson and front man regarding the anti-abortion sentiment of the Democratic party. . Stupak was willing to support Obama's health care plan until it was determined that abortion was layered into the plan. Obama restated a federal ban on abortion funding to get the bill to pass but that doesn't stop the abortion debate. Nor does it shed much light on the "baby killer" comment.

When questioned by the press, Campbell insisted he did not shout "baby killer" and that it came from someone seated behind him, perhaps representatives from Texas. "The people who know won't give it up," Campbell maintained, and also stated the voice he heard had a "southern accent." Republican Joe Barton, from Texas, maintains Campbell's story regarding voice and location of the person who spoke the insult. Both Campbell and Barton think they know who said the words but will not reveal the identity of the person.

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