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Suicide/homicide Cause Staten Island Fire Killing 5

Suicide/homicide cause Staten Island fire killing 5.  An autopsy report from the Staten Island Medical Examiner's office issued on Thursday, July 29, 2010 revealed that thirty year old Liesa Jones and her four children died as a result of a horrific murder-suicide.  Initial investigations led officials to believe that the family died as a result of an accidental fire.  When the bodies of Liesa Jones and her four children, ages 2 through 14, were recovered from the fire, three of the children's throats had been slashed.  The two year old died later at a hospital.

Toxicology reports revealed that Liesa was alive when the fire was set and disproved initial suspicion that Liesa's troubled 14 year old set the fire.  Paul J. Brown, Staten Island Police Department Chief Spokesman stated: "The investigative premise from the outset was that this was a murder-suicide.  It was a question of whether the mother or the oldest child was responsible.  We had some prelimiary findings from the medical examiner early on and were waiting for a final determination which apparently came today, which identified the mother as a suicide."   A search of the charred remains of the family's dwelling revealed a half burned note in Liesa's handwriting with the words: "am sorry" remaining. 

Liesa's children, Romoy Raymond, known as C.J was 14 years old at the time of his death.  The deaths of C.J., his sister Brittney, age 10, Melonie, age 7, and Jermaine Sinclair, age 2, were ruled as homicides.  The medical examiner's report stated that three of the children, exluding Jermaine, died as a result of cuts to their throat with a straight razor.

Don Daley, cousin of Liesa Jones, stated in a recent interview: "We just pray for their souls and thank the Lord that we had an opportunity to share their lives.  Now that they're gone, we hope that they go in dignity and in peace.  And no more confusion."


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