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Sunan International Airport Destination of Drug Smuggler

Sunan International Airport was the destination of a 35 year old man attempted to smuggle drugs into Malaysia. The Sunan International Airport is located in Pyongyang, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Authorities snagged the suspect at the KL International Airport after a search and seizure of a plastic package containing 4 kg of cocaine was found in the man's belongings on February 23, 2010. The suspect was in baggage claims at the time of his arrest. The package is worth RM 800,000 or over $200,000 in US dollars.

The suspect was identified as an Iranian business man and is believed to be involved in an "international cocaine pipeline" from Iran into North Korea. The package was intended to be passed on to the Iranian's "local contact." Nordin Kadir, a Narcotics Crime Investigation Department Assistant Commissioner, believes that this was the suspects first attempt as a "drug mule" to Malaysia. The suspect was travelling from Dubai.

The suspect is in police custody and if convicted, because of the Dangerous Drugs Act of 1952, will face a mandatory death penalty.

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