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Super Bowl XLV Ad Alert: Justin Bieber to Star in Best Buy Commercial With Ozzy Osborne

This year's Super Bowl XLV is going to be hot. An ad alert just hit multiple internet sources indicating that teen crooner Justin Bieber is slated to star in a Best Buy commercial with none other than Ozzy Osbourne. Best Buy marketing chief Drew Panayiotou offered: "Justin Bieber is the biggest star out there, but that's not why he's in the spot. He symbolically represents something important to the brand message."

The first ever Best Buy Super Bowl ad will air when 2011's Super Bowl XLV kicks off on February 6. Best Buy executives have not revealed any information regarding the ad other than it will be a 30 second spot set to air during the game's third quarter.

The commercial was filmed in early January at Universal Studios. Bieber accepted an estimated $1 million dollars for appearing in the ad.

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