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Susan Stanton Fired for Gender Change, CNN Documentary Sunday

Susan Stanton, formerly known as Steve Stanton, underwent a gender change and was fired from her post as Largo, Florida City Manager in 2007 and her story will air in a CNN Documentary Sunday night at 11 p.m. EST.

Stanton's complete gender reassignment surgery occurred in 2008 but the controversy is still brewing.
During the trial following Stanton's termination from her post, Stanton and his supporters testified before the Largo City Commission for over two hours. Stanton implored during the trial "I'm asking you to realize I'm still the same person today that I was four weeks ago. I'm asking you to judge me on my qualifications and performance and the fact that this organization is the best-run organization in Pinellas County." The testimony over 100 of Stanton's supporters did not change the commision's ruling. They decided to uphold the decision to terminate Stanton's employment in a vote of 5-2.

Equality Florida Executive Director Nadine Smith passed out flyers stating "Don't Discriminate" at the trial and was later arrested.

Stanton fathered a child who still calls him "Dad" despite the gender transition. Stanton maintains "I’m [my son's] dad, I’ll always be his dad. I’m not his mom.”

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