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Suzanne Corona Charged With Adultery

Suzanne Corona has been charged with adultery and public lewdness after performing a "sexual act" in a Batavia, New York park.  The forty one year old wife and mother was caught "red handed" with her lover Jason Amend by authorities at a picnic table.  

Corona's first court appearance regarding the incident was on Tuesday, June 8, 2010.  Corona's husband Joseph was with her in court. Joseph offered: "I've got 40 something more years to spend with my wife, I'm not gonna throw it out over one incident."  If the court finds Corona's offense more guilty than her husband has, Corona would be the 5th person since 1972 to be formally charged with adultery.  Corona and Amend both maintained their "not guilty" pleas when the judge issued the charges.  Amend was charged with public lewdness and offered no comment at the hearing.

After the court appearance, Corona offered: "You could have been a passerby and not have known there was anything going on" though, as she maintained Amend's "genitals were exposed perhaps by the zipper, but that's it." The public sex act occurred while the Corona's children, other adults, and other children played nearby.  


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