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SV Concordia Sinks Near Rio, No One Injured

The SV Concordia along with 64 passengers sank of the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Friday. High school seniors from the West Island Class Afloat Alternative School based in Montreal, Canada and first year college students were rescued by the Brazilian Navy and Japanese merchant ship, Hokuetsu Delight.

No injuries were reported.

The SV Concordia, a 15 sailed, 35 metered mast, and 57.5 metered ship sank 555 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro due to rough seas. Simone MacAndrew from the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said "Officials at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and at the Embassy of Canada in Brasilia and the General Consulate in Rio de Janeiro, are aware of the sinking of the West Island College Class Afloat ship, SV Concordia, off the coast of Brazil.”

The vessel set sail for an "educational voyage" that will be remembered as such.

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