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Swine Flu and US School Closings

On 4/29/09 eight states had school closings due to swine flu threats and infections, and the number of students affected in Texas was 53,000. A Fort Worth district is planning to keep 80,000 children home until about May 11.

On 4/30/09 the numbers grew to 74 schools closing due to suspected cases of swine flu, while 30 schools have closed as a precaution, which affects about 56,000 students. Schools are responding to President Obama's suggestion that schools with known cases of swine flu close to prevent the virus from spreading, and the CDC recommends that these schools remained closed for at least 7 days.

With the World Health Organization threat level raised to 5 (on a scale where 6 is the highest), there are concerns that the swine flu will become a pandemic. The US Department of Education met Monday to address how to manage the swine flu and a possible pandemic, and advised schools and state departments of education to use common sense to manage risk, also stressing that any child who has flu-like symptoms to stay home.

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