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Swiss Prostitutes Offer Drive Through Service

The Swiss are a very pragmatic people, who don't let things like morality or legality stand in the way of domestic harmony. When police in Zurich grew tired of sex-in-public complaints from residents of the city's red light district, they did a very Swiss thing: they built drive-in, three sided privacy shelters that allow a hooker and her John to turn the freak knob to 12, without disturbing residents. Call it "Drive-Thru-Booty".

The enclosures are little more than chain link fencing with privacy strips inserted, but they're enough to stop residents from complaining. The Swiss didn't get the idea on their own; in fact, they copied the solution from German cities such as Cologne and Essen. A spokesperson for the Zurich police police departmetn was quoted as saying, "We can't get rid of prostitution, so we have to learn how to control it".

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