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Swiss Twins Missing After Father, Matthias Schepp, Commits Suicide

Officials from Italy, France, and Switzerland are searching for missing twin girls after their father Matthias Kaspar Schepp commits suicide. The six year old Swiss twins, named Alessia and Livia, went missing on January 30, 2011. Schepp's body was found near a railway station in Bari, Italy, after he had taken his life by throwing himself under a train.

The girls were in Schepp's care for visitation the weekend on January 28. Schepp was separated from the girls' mother, Irina Lucidi, of Lausanne. Swiss authorities report that Schepp failed to return the girls to their mother and instead took them to his residence in St. Sulpice.

At the time of the girl's disappearance, Alessia was wearing a white jacket, blue jeans, a striped shirt, and glasses. Livia was wearing a purple jacket, blue jeans, green t-shirt, and glasses.

Authorities believe Schepp made a large withdrawl from his bank account and may have traveled to France and Italy before their disappearance. Schepp had apparently declared he could not live without his children before his death. Authorities have deployed helicopters and search dogs in an attempt to find the girls, as well as Interpol. Additionally, a Facebook page has been created to assist with collecting information regarding the childrens' location.

Any people with information are urged to contact officials.

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