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Sydney, Australia, Sets All Time Record for Highest Temperature

There's a heat wave down under as Sydney, Australia, set an all time record high temperature on Friday, January 18, 2013. The blazing temperatures sent the mercury high and by 2:55 p.m. at Sydney's Observatory Hill, it was 45.8 degrees Celsius or 115 degrees Fahrenheit. In other locations, the temperature registered at over 46 degrees Celsius. The previous record for highest temperatures was set during 1939 when the mercury rose to 45.3 degrees Celsius.

Of the boiling temps, Dr. David Jones of Australia's Bureau of Meteorology stated: "It's scorchingly hot out there." The record heat caused massive difficulties and a number of heat related health issues for hundreds. The blistering heat added fuel to the already raging brush fires. Local emergency crews responded to over two hundred calls due to patients with heat exposure and exhaustion. Many attendees at the city's Big Day Out music festival reportedly collapsed. Train services were delayed significantly after cables and power lines melted and trapped several commuters.

Forecasters predict a break in the excessive heat as clouds roll in and rain may help cool things down. Officials have advised people to remain indoors, avoid direct sun, and increase fluid intake to reduce the effects of the extreme temperatures.

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