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Synthetic Cocaine Sold as Bath Salts in Orlando, Florida

U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officials in Orlando, Florida, are investigating dozens of hospitalizations due to synthetic cocaine being sold as "bath salts." The DEA reported that teens in the area were snorting the "bath salts" for its euphoric and energizing effects despite the warning label stating contents were "not for human consumption." The DEA has launched an investigation which caused dozens of teens to seek medical treatment for agitation, hallucinations, and other serious complications resulting from inhaling the drug. The DEA reported that the "fake drug" is sold under $50 dollars at most convenience stores, smoke shops, gas stations, and online vendors.

Dr. Josef Thundiyil, toxicologist for the Orlando Regional Medical Center emergency room offered to WKMG: "Some people even get chest pain or cardiovascular collapse. It's appealing to kids because it is legal, because you can get it on the Internet. Whenever it's new and on the Internet there's the appearance that it might be safe, when in reality we actually don't know that it's safe."

Floridian hospitals have reported 41 cases of users who sought medical treatment following use of the drug though there is no state wide mandate, the number of youths engaging in such risky behavior could be much higher. Many of the teens who sought treatment ended up in psychiatric wards or hospitalized.

Physicians in the Orlando area have warned parents to watch their teens for signs of drug abuse which present similarly to signs of methamphetamine use and find treatment for their child immediately.

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