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Tampa Psychologist Had Affair With Patient, Patient Sues

Dr. Daniel R. Lerom, a Tampa, Florida, psychologist had inappropriate sexual relations with a patient under his care since 1995. Lerom and the unidentifiable Lakeland patient known in court documents filed at Hillsborough County Circuit Court only as "HK" had a physical relationship that lasted over a year. Dr. Lerom would have intercourse with "HK" and then bill her HMO: Blue Cross Blue Shield. Lerom sent "HK" text messages that said this: "My body felt great all over after last night, " "I wish you were here in the shower with me to warm me up," and "If I were there, I would rub you and kiss you all over." Lerom called himself "RHL" or "Red Hot Lover."

This breech of moral conduct is what researcher Ken Kramer from the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, is questioning. The a group investigates psychiatric abuse, which is a felony and against Hippocratic Oath. So far, this case hasn't gone to authorities and no charges have been filed. The Department of Health confirms law enforcement and the State Attorney have no record of "HK's" testimony. Kramer is asking the state of Florida why because this is a case of "psychiatric rape. It's not OK. It's against the law. You cannot do this."

"HK" was insititutionalized after Lerom ended the affair after his wife found out. "HK" is now suing Lerom.

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