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Tara Reid Barroom Assailant Maryam Hassan Declared "Not Guilty"

In "aren't these girls just much too old to be partying like this news," American Pie actress Tara Reid is no longer part of a court case involving her supposed assailant Maryam Hassan and a barroom incident that happened last year at the West End's nightclub Beat.

That's because a Southwark Crown Court has cleared Maryam of all charges stemming from a fight over a man - Dutch soccer player Edgar Davids. Hassan reportedly approached Reid and Davids as they conversed at a table and chucked wine all over Reid. Reid retaliated by tossing her drink on Hassan then had the club's security whisk Hassan away as she screamed profanities. Hassan reentered the club after approximately 20 minutes and proceeded to smash a wine glass into Reid's face. Reid rushed to a hospital and was treated for a corneal abrasion, cut to her forehead, and nose injury.

Hassam miraculously convinced a jury of six men and six women that she was innocent and was cleared of charges based upon "assault occasioning actual bodily harm" and "racially abusing bouncers." Upon delivery of the verdict after a four hour deliberation, Hassam reportedly sobbed and offered her thanks to the jury.

Reid has yet to offer her response to the jury's decision.

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