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Taylor Swift Got Breast Implants in 2012?

The guitar playing, Country/pop chanteuse Taylor Swift is under scrutiny these days and it's not because of her latest boyfriend or break up. Rumor has it the 23 year old went under the knife in April 2012 for breast implants. Sources believe the slightly more bosomy blond went from a modest A-cup to a more-her-body-type proportional B-cup. And some of Hollywood's best plastic surgeons have given the possible enhancement a definite thumbs up in terms of how Miss Swift's chest looks.
One Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, named Dr. Richard Fleming, solidly asserted: "I think it's pretty obvious that she's had breast enhancement."

The surgery rumors first hit the radar after Swift attended the 39th Annual People's Choice Awards early this year on January 9. The form fitting, cleavage to there! white Ralph Lauren dress Swift wore revealed the possibility of an enhancement. Her appearances at the Golden Globes and other events later this year, as well as several sightings at a plastic surgery clinic in West Hollywood only further the speculation. Ever the lady, Swift and her reps will not confirm or deny the rumors.

Whatever the cause of the changes in her figure, Swift is still and likely will always be America's cute little country princess.

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