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Teacher Escapes Speeding Ticket Using Math

A teacher escaped a speeding ticket using math. A Florida woman was a victim of a red light camera which snapped her car driving through a red light. The woman refused to pay the resulting fine because she felt the yellow light was too short. The woman then sensibly approached her math tutor husband to help her prove that the light changed too quickly and the ticket was unfair.

Armed with a stop watch, the couple returned to the Collier Boulevard intersection. The pair used their mathematical powers to prove the ticket was unwarranted by timing the light as it changed 15 times. The woman's husband ascertained that the light at the intersection were eight tenths of a second shorter than county guidelines recommend. The pair determined that the red light, per county guidelines should have been 4.5 seconds long and at the Collier Boulevard intersection, it was only 3.8 seconds. The Collier County Transportation Department insists the timing issue was due to an oversight and are now checking stoplights throughout the county to prevent future unjustifiable citations.

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