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Teacher Fired for Out of Wedlock Pregnancy

A teacher was fired for her out-of-wedlock pregnancy.  Jarretta Hamilton, a former 4th grade teacher at the Southland Christian School located in St. Cloud, Florida, was terminated from her job because she conceived her now 8 month old daughter, Sarah, just three weeks before her February 20, 2009 nuptials.  Hamilton was a widow with five children from her previous marriage and found employment at the Southland Christian School in January 2008.  Hamilton also found love with Samuel Treftz shortly after landing her teaching job.  Southland Christian School Principle Jon Ennis claims that Hamilton sinned by having premarital sex.  

In a recent interview with NBC's Ann Curry on Today, Hamilton stated her version of the termination.  Hamilton stated, while holding her infant Sarah, with her husband Treftz by her side that she was wrongfully fired after requesting a six week maternity leave from her supervisors.  The supervisors calculated quickly that Hamilton had conceived her baby pre-wedding night and fired her for "fornication."  Hamilton offered during the interview: "When they let me go, they told the entire staff in a staff meeting that I had been fired and the reason why they let me go.  And then they called all of my parents to my fourth grade students and told them as well."

Hamilton and Treftz have filed suit regarding a violation of anti-discrimination laws and for privacy invasion.  Principle Ennis, refused to comment but stated "yes, absolutely" during a phone interview with NBC News reporter Mike Taibbi when asked if Hamilton's termination was justified.

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