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Teachers Strike in Chicago; Close to 400,000 Students Affected

Close to 400,000 Chicago area students find themselves without a regularly scheduled program. The teachers union in Chicago has initiated a strike to demand better pay, job security and fairer teacher evaluations.

This is the first public school teacher strike in Chicago in over 25 years.

As the city and the teachers union fight out the details, over 400,000 students who had otherwise planned to go to school, have nowhere to go. This has caused parents, churches and other local organizations to scramble to prevent chaos from ensuing.

Some claim that the strike is a result of Rahm Emanuel style hardball. Emanuel is said to have come into office as mayor with a plan to fix the city's debt problems. And getting the public school system into order was high on the agenda.

How and when the strike will be resolved is still far from clear.

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