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Teen Crooner Justin Bieber Busted With "Pot" by Paparazzi

Photos snapped by paparazzi on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 capturing teen crooner Justin Bieber smoking pot have left the media and fans buzzing. It seems the eighteen year old "Boyfriend" singer attended post New Year's hotel room party in Newport Beach, California, with his brother and rapper Lil Twist when photographers snapped pics of the Biebs with a little reefer fever. The partygoers were surrounded by a few empty beer bottles and passing 'round what could be a joint or small blunt but is more likely just a little cigarillo. The images were posted to TMZ despite Justin's strict rule that any pictures taken by parties he attends are under his ownership. Which means everyone was probably punked in a publicity stunt destined to upgrade the kid's image...

Needless, Justin's rep has not formally addressed the issue but the singer Tweeted a somewhat direct reference to the incident with: "Another year. Another year to be doubted. Another year to work hard and prove them wrong. Another year we are coming out of the gate strong. Everyday growing and learning. Trying to be better. U get knocked down, u get up."

Many insiders have suggested that Bieber is self medicating with drugs and alcohol to alleviate the effects of his recent split with girlfriend Selena Gomez. Others suggest he's just being a kid. Whatever the reason, he'll live. Then he'll learn. And will smile and wave from rehab in 3 years.

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