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Teen Daughter of Ambassador Falls 22 Storeys to Death

According to the official reports, Nicole John, the daughter of US Ambassador to Thailand fell 22 storeys to her death today. Nicole John is said to have taken off her shoes, stepped onto the ledge of her top-floor apartment in Manhattan, and plummeted to her death 22 storeys below with her camera. The fact that she fell of the Herald Towers was not lost on the passersby who reported the fall to 911 and the apartment owner immediately.

Nicole John is thought to have partied with her group of friends at a nearby club and was entertaining them at her apartment later on. The death of Nicole John is being called an accident by the authorities as the 17 years old freshman was drunk when she fell.

Living in Manhattan’s East Village, Nicole John was due to join the New School for Design shortly. Apparently Nicole John was in possession of a fake ID from Brazil that made her eligible to be served alcohol.

A comment from the Embassy of Thailand has not been obtained as they are still getting bits and pieces of information regarding the sad death of Nicole John. Her body is going to be examined for signs of intoxication.

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