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Telltale Signs Your Husband Is Gay!

Worried that your husband might be secretly homosexual? You should look for the following signs as they are a sure-shot way of telling whether your spouse prefers his own kind. The first sign is your husband is not really interested in sports but possesses a gym membership; research suggests that homosexuals find the gym as an interesting meeting place for potential dates.
If your husband enjoys watching “Glee” or “The Golden Girls” instead of ESPN or the Discovery Channel, you should brace yourself for an ultimate “coming-out-of-the-closet talk. Another matter of concern is if he likes travelling to big cities or Asia, in particular as these cities offer entertainment of every kind.
If your better half likes showing off his abs in public, especially in the presence of men, then you should definitely consider him crossing over to the other side. In addition, you should also look out for a fetish for trendy clothes and garments that fit too tightly.
Watching porn is normal for any man but if your spouse does it to watch the men in pornographic films, then you should definitely be alarmed. These are only some of the signs, albeit a little ridiculous, you can access the entire list here.

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