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Temperature in U.S. For 2012 Sets World Record

Scientists warned us over 30 years ago that this would happen: the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) has confirmed that the temperature in the U.S.(and beyond) for the 2012 calender year set a world record with its all time highs. In terms of extreme weather conditions, last year was the second highest on record per the U.S. Climate Extremes Index.

Temperatures and precipitation across the U.S. made history per data compiled from NOAA's nine labs strewn throughout the continental U.S. Last year included overall temperatures 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit over 20th century average temperatures. Record low snowfall amounts, decreased precipitation 2.57 inches below average, and record warmth reported in 19 states contributed to extreme drought, wildfire, and storm conditions. With the warmest spring in history and second warmest summer, places throughout the U.S. experienced the 15th driest year on record. Places throughout the Midwest and Western states battled a drought so severe it encompassed over 61 percent of the Nation when it peaked during July. This led to wildfires which burned over 9.2 million acres, the third highest record in a thirteen year period.

2012 included some of the most damaging storms to ever make landfall in the U.S. with Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Isaac, and tornadoes slamming the Southeast, Great Plains, Texas, and Ohio Valley. Over $1 billion dollars in losses were claimed as a result of the storms.

The weather trends carried over globally with overall average land and ocean temperatures approximately one degree Fahrenheit over average in since record keeping began during the 1880s.

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