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Thai Protesters Blood Throwing

Thailand's anti-government protesters have resorted to blood throwing in an attempt to evoke change in the struglling country. Leaders of the movement targeted the home of Thailand's prime minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, on Wednesday and threw bags of their own blood into the compound. The protesters vow to maintain their occupancy until or unless the Democrat party and international governments recognize the "illegitimacy" in Thailand's governing offices in the "Red Shirt Movement." The movement hopes to force new elections. More than 100,000 protesters marched in Thailand's capital, Bangkok, the hub of political, commercial, industrial, and cultural enterprises.

Though the protesters initially promised to remain in Bangkok until demands and deadlines were addressed by Prime Minister Vejjajiva, only 40,000 people remained on Wednesday. The protesters evaded police barricades on Wednesday and, armed with 5 liter or 1.3 gallon jugs and plastic bags full of blood, left their mark on Vejjajiva's front gate and living quarters. Rain spilled the blood into red puddles and smeared the message into the streets of Bangkok.

The demonstrators believe that present ruling governmental powers ousted Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from office in 2006 through indecent means and would like to see him back in office. Protest leader Veera Musikapong told the press: "We'll maintain our stronghold, but there will be rotation of manpower. When the time is right, we will call for a 'million-man march' again." The Red Shirt Movement is committed to non-violent practices and opposes government oppression.

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