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Tiffani Thiessen Addresses Jimmy Fallon in Funny or Die Video

Tiffani Thiessen recently addressed why Jimmy Fallon hasn’t been able to book her for a “Saved By The Bell” cast reunion in a new Funny or Die video.

Her excuse: She’s just too busy!

While the "Saved by the Bell" reunion is a good idea, the actress claims to have 100 to 150 great ideas in front of that one, including making a documentary about how busy she is with all her ideas.

"Would you ask Angelina Jolie to slow everything down just to have a reunion with the ‘Girl, Interrupted' cast?" Thiessen asks. "Can Sandy Bullock pause everything just to hang out with the cast of "Speed" for a day? Would you ask Madeleine Albright to stop everything national security just to have dinner with the old Clinton administration? No!"

As a timer goes off in the background, Thiessen exclaims, "Ah! The turducken's done. Saved by the bell!"

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