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Tiger Woods' Mistress Upset

Gloria Allred, a notorious Hollywood attorney, filed suit for Veronica Siwik Daniels a.k.a. Joslyn James against Tiger Woods. The notorious porn star is up against charges of her own making. She skipped out on over $12,000 worth of child support in Washington State and is on the state's most wanted list.

Siwik Daniels is one of many women Tiger bedded and is the most talkative of the bunch. Siwik Daniels is one of many who claim to have had unprotected sex with Tiger Woods. This led to two pregnancies, the first was lost due to miscarriage, the second was aborted.

Apparently Siwik Daniels hired Allred because she's outraged about a set golf balls created with each one of his mistresses faces painted on them. Seems Siwik Daniels suffered from violence and hates to think her and other mistresses faces will be smacked with a golf club. She willingly and frequently speaks to the press and said this:"As a victim of violence myself, it bothered me to think that someone would be standing with a dangerous club in their hands and hitting a ball with my face on it."

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