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Tiger Woods Press Conference: Questions, Answers

Tiger Woods' press conference today was the first question and answer session the pro golfer has held since the sex scandal broke in late November 2009. During the press conference, Woods made many confessions, evaded the tough questions, and answered humbly to the Higher Power he rediscovered in recovery.

Woods maintained, early in the press conference, that "it's not about the championships it's about how you live your life." Apparently, Woods believes he may have led his life incorrectly. During the media event, Woods confessed "I missed my son's first birthday because of sex's something I regret and will regret the rest of my life." Woods was hospitalized for sex addiction as his son celebrated turning one without him and furthered later in the interview, "just because I've gone through treatment doesn't mean it stops."

Woods threw out the sympathy card and mentioned his late father's words of wisdom, which became his mantra during treatment: "in order to help people, you have to help yourself." Woods' focus is now on becoming a "better man" so that he can "help infinitely more people." Woods also maintained composure when admitting that he "acted terribly, poorly and made incredibly bad decisions that hurt so many people." When reporters asked "how did you fool so many people for so long?" Woods claimed "I fooled myself...when I realized what I've done, I take full responsibility."

Woods shirked the Ambien question, posed as "did Ambien play a role in your car accident?" Woods replied "Police investigated the accident, cited me $166's a closed case."

When reporters questioned: "why have you not done this months ago?," Woods insisted he hadn't "bottom[ed] enough" and said that in "December because I wasn't in the right place for it, January I was in rehab." Woods went on to add "I've lied and deceived a lot of people."

Woods wife, Elin Nordegren was noticably absent from the press conference. Woods has rendered the subject of his marriage completely off limits to the press and only offered "Elin is not coming to this" today. Elin was photographed without her wedding band in Orlando, Florida with the couples' children early Monday. If her absence is an indication of the couples' marriage, it's good Woods' focus is on golf. For which, he attests: "it [golf] feels fun again."

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