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Tim Burton's "Cheating Scandal" Dismissed by Helena Carter Bonham's Firm "Absolute Nonsense"

The New York Post's Page Six was first to break the "cheating scandal" between Tim Burton and a mysterious blonde as they sucked face in an alleyway following a movie. And Burton's longtime partner, Helena Bonham Carter, was first to step forth to dismiss the allegations as "absolute nonsense."

The "scandal" was first published on Thursday, October 3, 2013 by multiple media outlets. The fifty five year old director, animator, producer, and author was "caught" canoodling with a blonde following a trip to the movies to see "The Wicker Man" in Hampstead, London, England. The pair were apparently part of a "large group including family, friends, and work colleagues" per Helena's representative who dismissed the allegations via an official statement published in the Daily Express.

The rep also confirmed that "this [story] is absolute nonsense." Yet the rep didn't identify who the woman was. And the Burton-Bonham Carter relationship is one built on unconventionalism since the pair share houses attached merely by a "communal room" or hallway as well as a third adjoining house for their kids and the kids' caretakers.

To each their own...

For more, go here to Page Six or here to the Daily Mail.

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