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Tools Every Car Enthusiast Should Own

Outside of the usual assortment of wrenches, sockets and screwdrivers, there are a few tools that every car enthusiast should own. Some get used all of the time, but others you'll only break out from time to time. Our top 5?

1) A Computer - sure this is obvious, but the internet is a great source of brand and model specific information. Just be sure to cross check any info you find to make sure it's valid.

2) Floor Jack and Jack Stands - useful for everything from tire rotation to major repairs, make sure you buy the best quality you can afford and always use them per the manufacturer's instructions.

3) Tire Pressure Gauge - we like the dial type with a bleed valve built in. Tire pressure is critical to a car's handling and tire life, so be sure to check it often.

4) Compressor - even a cheap 12 volt model beats trying to find a gas station with a working compressor. Buy quality here as well, since the cheap ones generally don't lat long

5) Dremel Tool - you won't use it everyday, but when you need one you really need one. Used for everything from cutting to polishing metal, plastic or wood.

Source: RideLust

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