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Topless Women March in Portland, Maine

Topless women marched in Portland, Maine on Monday afternoon. Nearly two dozen women slipped out of their shirts and walked topless from Longfellow Square to Tommy's Park on Congress Street's sidewalk to protest present gender double standards regarding nudity. The women brought attention to themselves and their cause. Witness reports claim that spectators snapped lots of pictures.
The women's group maintains that women have the right to be topless in public. The organization failed to obtain proper demonstration permits to walk topless down the street so they stuck to the sidewalks and drew a crowd of at least one thousand. The crowd was filled predictably by males toting cameras, demonstrators, supporters, and random folks enjoying the weather (as well as naked chests.)

Many of the demonstrators posed for pictures and when the march was complete, enjoyed the sunshine in Tommy's Park. A police presence was on site though the march was without incident or arrest. The demonstrators may have faced charges if they had exposed their genitals as nudity is illegal in the state if "parts" are exposed.

Organizer Ty McDowell was "enraged" by the volume of male interest and vows to "aggressively" discourage male onlookers at future events. McDowell's goal is to evoke society to not react to the sight of topless women, thereby giving women the same freedom as men when it comes to walking around shirtless.

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