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Tornadoes in Arkansas Kill One, Severely Injure Four

Aeries of tornadoes in Arkansas killed one person, injured four others, and wreaked havoc in Cleburne County on Wednesday night. Four people were also seriously injured as a result of tornadoes, high winds, and heavy rainfall that touched down near Little Rock, Arkansas. The victims of the tornadoes have not been disclosed.

Marty Moss, of the Cleburne County Sheriffs department, reported that one person died as a result of the tornadoes. Officials also reported that the tornadoes left over 1,600 residents and businesses without electricity. Crews are surveying the areas affected by the tornadoes and have yet to confirm the extent of the damages. Tornadoes and high winds battered Arkansas from the south west corner to the north east sections of the state.

Meteorologists believe that a large amount of moisture stemming from a Gulf Of Mexico jet stream combined with a "wetter than average" winter caused the severe weather.

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