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Tornadoes Rip Through North Carolina

Tornadoes ripped through North Carolina and wreaked havoc throughtout the state on Sunday evening. Emergency management officials are still investigating damages. Witnesses report that 8 tornadoes touched down, uprooted trees, toppling mobile homes, ripped roofs off of buildings, and interrupted electricity. The Nation Weather Service estimates that at least 20 homes were damaged as a result of a band of severe thunderstorms which dumped heavy rain, hail reportedly the size of baseballs, and 70 mph high winds. Then the band of tornadoes spun disaster from Oakland Park, Florida, north of Fort Lauderdale and spread north into the Carolinas along Interstate 85 between Charlotte and Greensboro, North Carolina.

Three people have been reportedly injured as a result of the storms. No word on how severe the injuries are. Emergency management officials are still checking houses, going from door to door, looking for the injured among the debris.

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