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Tough Christmas for Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Amid His Cheating Scandal With Emily Goodhand

We hate to say it but y'all know it's true: a tiger never loses its stripes. And Tori Spelling should have considered that before she married Dean McDermott, her husband of seven years. Though the two began their relationship while they were with their first spouses, it has been said once a cheater, always a cheater. And it seems to be true. It was a tough Christmas for the parents of four since a cheating scandal emerged following a significantly rocky patch including Tori's complications from having their fourth child and financial difficulties.

It seems the forty seven year old Dean had the infamous Seven Year Itch and scratched it with the 28 year old Emily Goodhand per the latest. The red haired cutie dished the details of a hot Canadian one nighter to US Weekly following her romp with the married McDermott. She offered private details of the sexless marriage between Tori and Dean as well as the low down on how she ended up in Dean's hotel room on December 6.

Emily's story goes that Dean was in Toronto promoting and hosting Chopped Canada for the Food Network. Mutual friends introduced her to Dean who then supposedly extended her an invite to his Fairmont Royal York Hotel room. She accepted, spent the night, and apparently blabbed about it to the press.

Apparently Dean neglected the two most vital aspects of a good extramarital fling: don't do it with a loose lips and, MOST IMPORTANTLY: DON'T GET CAUGHT!

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