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Toyolla's Troubles Grow With Possible Corolla Recall

Toyota's future is looking more grim as the company considers yet another recall, in addition to ever growing 8.5 million Toyota vehicles already recalled worldwide. Presently, 1,309 Corolla vehicles have been recalled in the wake of steering problems that cause drivers to completely lose control of their cars. One hundred complaints regarding steering problems in Toyota's Corolla have been filed.

Toyota Motor President Akio Toyoda is scrambling to recover losses. The Associated Press decleared that a quality control executive in the Toyota Motor Company did not take power steering complaints as seriously as they should have. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is presently looking into the 2009 lawsuit with numbers over 1,300, regarding "a loose airbag label."

Consumers are asked to take their Corolla's back to dealers because of a violation of Federal Motor VEhicle Safety Standard No. 208 or the "Occupant Crash Protection." Millions upon millions of Toyota vehicles have failed to "meet standard requirements."

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