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Toyota Prius Runaway Car, Stuck Accelerator

A Toyota Prius encountered a stuck accelerator and made headlines as a "runaway car." The Prius accelerated out of the driver's control per reports from the California Highway Department. James Sikes, a sixty one year old, was driving along the bustling Interstate 8 near San Diego, California, when he realized his gas and brake pedals wouldn't budge the rising odometer. The Prius drove at speeds in excess of more than 90 miles an hour. The ensuing panic of being trapped in a car accelerating out of control in an eastbound lane of a traffic laden road evoked an immediate call for help. California Highway Patrol officers managed to drive the patrol car near the runaway Prius and while using a loudspeaker calmed the driver and convinced him to use his emergency break and turn off the car's engine. Then the patrol car maneuvered in front of the runaway Prius and officers used the brakes of their patrol car to control and stop the vehicle.

Sike's terrifying incident is in the wake of Toyota's worldwide, 8 million vehicle recall due to acceleration control problems due to electronic problems.

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