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Tropical Storm Danielle Becoming a Hurricane!

Your text to link...According to a report of the United States National Hurricane Center, released this morning, the tropical storm by the name of Danielle is going to attain a hurricane status in the next 24 hours. The report specifies the path that Storm Danielle is going to take; the most likely destination is going to be towards Bermuda taking a west-northwest approach. Currently the tropical storm Danielle is accumulated in the Central Atlantic.
Although the tropical storm Danielle is still far from land, it is still instigating a lot of fear into the hearts of the residents where it’s headed. Upon becoming a hurricane, the extent of damage that could be inflicted is still uncertain but can be colossal if the gain in speed is great.
As per the statement of the Hurricane Experts, there are up to seven major Atlantic Hurricanes predicted for this particular season. The Hurricane Alex has been the only Atlantic Hurricane to have reached a Category 2 Strength and the havoc it wrecked can be described as average. With the news of Hurricane Danielle developing fast, it is natural to assume that we have five more hurricanes to deal with this season. You can watch the video of Tropical Storm Danielle here.

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