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The True Blood Cover of Rolling Stone Screams Vampire Sex

 What can be more attractive than seeing the hotties of True Blood namely Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, appear naked and covered in blood for the promotion of vampire sex? The True Blood HBO TV Series is gaining immense popularity for its brutal portrayal of the vampire-kind and their supposedly amazing sex-life.

The True Blood cover of the Rolling Stone September Issue grabs attention and perhaps does a little more than merely enticing the reader. The alluring True Blood Cover is accompanied by a long article entitled “The Joys of Vampire Sex”. Hear Hear! Do we smell a certain dig at the apparently celibate cast of Twilight?

The True Blood cover is probably going to be held in reverence in the “Hall of Fame” of covers that have made bold and dramatic statements over the years. For a look at the provocative pose, you can access the website of Rolling Stone as the cover is displayed vividly on the home page.

One must warn here though, the True Blood Cover for the Rolling stone magazine is not for the conservatives or those having a faint heart or those still underage.

The True Blood cover can best be described as Fangtastic.


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